Angular update or upgrade? Choose Mendix!

Angular update or upgrade? Choose Mendix!

Angular update or upgrade? Choose Mendix!

Learn how to upgrade or update your Angular application. Do you want to upgrade from this TypeScript-based framework to Mendix? Let us know!

Angular is a platform for building desktop and mobile web applications. It is a TypeScript based front-end framework, led by an Angular team at Google. Its initial release was in 2016. Angular is a rewrite of AngularJS. There are a few differences. Angular doesn’t have a concept of “scope” or controllers. The framework uses a different expression syntax (focusing on ” [ ] ” and ” ( ) “).

Do you want to switch to a low code platform, then take a look at Mendix. Did you know that developing with Mendix is four times faster than traditional programming? Development of apps can be done much more quickly than you might think. In a matter of weeks. Ready for the digital transformation? With Mendix your application runs completely online and can be accessed on iPhone, MacBook or Windows.

At GDK we are very proud of our Mendix specialists. As a Mendix partner we keep on innovation on our own projects for two days every two months. At GDK Software we want to fulfill your digital ambitions. We build clever apps that take work off your hands. What does your digital future look like? Contact us today for a conversation.

Discover our Mendix cases, like our budget tool for school headteachers or our innovative portal for glass companies.

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