CakePHP update or upgrade? Let’s choose Mendix!

CakePHP update or upgrade? Let’s choose Mendix!

CakePHP update or upgrade? Let’s choose Mendix!

Upgrade or update your CakePHP application. Time for a fresh start? Start using Mendix.

CakePHP is an open-source web framework for building web applications. Do you want to update CakePHP to a new version? Or do you want to upgrade to Mendix, a low code platform? Let’s find it out.

Programmer Michal Tatarynowicz started in 2005 with a minimal version of a RAD-framework in Cake. Later that year the Cake Software Foundation was founded and version 1 was released a year later. CakePHP follows the model-view-controller (MVC) approach. This framework is written in PHP.

CakePHP just released 4.1 Strawberry. Version 4 of CakePHP comes with a streamlined API to make your application and development a lot faster. You can use code generation and scaffolding features to build prototypes. Translations, validation, database access and caching: they are all built into the original PHP MVC frameworks.

Do you want to upgrade CakePHP? Go to the website and download the newest version ( There are a few minimum system requirements. For instance: you need at least PHP 7.2 (7.4 is supported). There are a few PHP extensions you need, like PDO, simplexml, intl and mbstring. Do you want to update a legacy CakePHP application? Maybe it’s time to switch to a low code platform like Mendix.

Did you know that developing with Mendix is a lot faster than traditional programming? It is possible to develop apps within weeks, instead of months or years. With Mendix your apps run online and can be accessed on many devices, like iPhone, MacBook or Windows.

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