Case : Glasportaal

Glass portal from Delphi to Mendix

Innovative Glass portal makes the transition from Delphi to Mendix

"Thanks to this application, the whole industry is improving"

Glass portal optimises the entire supply chain for the glass industry. “Glass companies are saving at least one employee,” says Jur van der Kooij, the owner. “Customers have real-time insight into the status of their orders on every device. Additionally, fewer mistakes are being made. Because of this, less glass is going to waste.”

  • Optimises the whole supply chain
  • Focus on collaboration and integration

Glass portal’s application has been completely redeveloped in Mendix, a low-code development system. This makes the system available everywhere online and easy to integrate with. The focus is entirely on collaboration between the various parties in the supply chain. “We first set up the so-called ‘happy flow’,” continues Jur. “These are essential steps in the customer journey.”

The happy flow

“As an example, a customer places an order and sends it to the supplier. This all happens automatically as much as possible. The goods are subsequently delivered. A customer can see exactly when he receives the products. The driver has an app, so he knows what is being delivered. He takes a photo of the glass and gets the customer to sign for the receipt of the goods. The system stores this information and sends a delivery note to the customer. Ultimately the order confirmation and the invoice are compared. Is there a match? If so, the order is transferred into the accounting system. The actual margin on an order is then known.”

Less customer contact, more time

This automation goes very far. “Suppose a customer has damaged glass and a repairman is making a visit, then the customer will receive a message in advance. We have set this up as a dialogue: ‘Is it ok for us to visit? Answer YES if this is acceptable or NO if you would like to suggest an alternative date.’ If the customer answers YES, then it is automatically processed in the system. This means that the initiative is always with the customer. A glass company saves a lot of time, because it is sometimes difficult to reach customers by telephone.”

Avoiding typing errors

Glass portal is an innovation for the glass industry. It is an innovation that prevents brand new glass from being written off immediately. “Glass is custom-made. This morning I was at a glass company, where hundreds of metres of glass had to be ordered again,” says Jur. “With five to ten percent of the incorrect orders, we see that the article numbers or measurements have been incorrectly typed in.” Thanks to Glass portal, there are fewer errors. “We capture an entire article file and have links to as many suppliers as possible. We enter measurements correctly once, and then they are used everywhere. Glass portal also contains many control functions.”

"GDK always want to make something beautiful. We really do this together."

Jur van der Kooij, owner, Glasportaal

A lot of support and enthusiasm

The first users have switched to the new system. “We are getting very enthusiastic reactions,” says Jur. “The method of presentation is much clearer. In the past, the application consisted of several separate modules. There is no longer any fragmentation. In the new system, everything is in one place.” Glass companies are actively involved in the development process through Glass portal. This creates a lot of support. “For example, we brainstormed together about a central article file. How can we put that together in a convenient way? Now that there has been one single effort to create the article file, everyone can enjoy the benefits. The whole industry will benefit from this.”

Working together for a better end result

Jur looks back at the cooperation with GDK with great satisfaction. “I notice that new ideas are enthusiastically received. Mendix was new to us, yet we embarked on this learning process together. Some developments are simple, whereas others take more time. There is one constant: GDK always wants to make something beautiful. We really do this together, which yields a better end result.”


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