How does Mendix work?

How does Mendix work?

Mendix is a low code software platform in which you can create applications using modelling. Modeling ensures that development is four times faster than ‘traditional’ programming. This will increase productivity.

Low-code software development supports the construction of software integrally from start to finish. From designing a prototype to bringing a working application live.

In addition to the shorter development time, working with Mendix offers more advantages. Because you can work with pre-built modules & templates, you immediately create a visually attractive application. The microflow visualization also offers many advantages.

By elaborating model-based development as a central principle, a much broader group of non-formally trained developers (also called ‘citizen developers’) becomes involved in the construction of applications. This is an important positive development to address the major shortage of programmers.

Another big advantage of Mendix is that Business and IT work together. This makes it possible to quickly develop small apps that are actually used in practice. The chance of errors in the app is drastically reduced and due to the short development time, development costs can be reduced.

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