Replacing a C++, Visual Basic 6 or PHP application? Convert your bespoke app to Mendix!

Replacing a C++, Visual Basic 6 or PHP application?

Replacing a C++, Visual Basic 6 or PHP application? Convert your bespoke app to Mendix! Do you still use outdated PHP applications within your company, which are not maintained or barely maintained? Or are you looking for a low code alternative to C++ or Visual Basic 6? GDK Software replaces old applications and converts them to Mendix.

We can see that it is becoming increasingly important to use modern applications. During the corona crisis, many people started working at home. Then it turned out that many crucial business applications could not be reached from home. At GDK Software, we believe that important business applications should run cross-platform, so not only on Windows, but also on Mac or on a phone. In addition, business apps should (safely) run in the cloud and should be developed regularly.

Clever software rebuild

We can build and renew software. Companies are often used to working in a certain way. We try to recreate the interface of an old application as much as possible. By using this approach, there is no learning curve. Your employees can immediately find everything in the new application. At the same time, we upgrade the application visually, so your application looks much better. In addition, problems in the old application can be tackled. Is a certain function obsolete, or would you like to see a new module in the app?

From an old application to Delphi

At GDK Software, we have experience with Mendix and Delphi. This enables us to advise you honestly about the best solution. If it concerns a Windows application, Delphi is often the best choice. We then convert the old code into new Delphi code, so that the application is completely up-to-date.

Or choose low code and go for Mendix

If applications are continually being developed, it is wise to completely rebuild your old business software using Mendix. This conversion takes some time, but after that, new apps can be developed very quickly. Developing with Mendix is four times faster than traditional programming. Your application is also fully online. Colleagues working at home can easily open the application, so that work does not come to a standstill.

Exchange thoughts?

Is it time to replace your business application? Call one of our Delphi or Mendix developers. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. If you choose GDK Software, you will be helped by a strong team of specialists. Hope to see you soon!

Written by Marco Geuze


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