Mendix agency? We develop your Mendix application!

Mendix agency? We develop your Mendix application!

Looking for a Mendix agency? Meet GDK Software, a Mendix Partner-agency in the UK and The Netherlands. Mendix Partner means that we have developers who have obtained their Mendix certificates and are therefore qualified to build low code apps.

By switching to Mendix, your organization will make a giant step forward to a digital future. Your organization is less dependent on its own developers. Another important advantage is that development with Mendix is ​​approximately four times faster than traditional programming.

Our Mendix specialists build new business applications in Mendix every day. Are you satisfied with the current applications? Then it is also possible to completely rebuild old business software in Mendix. The applications will then still work exactly the same as before, but run in Mendix. A hybrid structure is also possible, in which the Mendix application ‘talks’ to the existing IT infrastructure. This way you don’t have to convert everything at once, but you can do this in phases.

Business & IT work together

Mendix makes it possible for Business and IT to work together. How often does it happen that a programmer develops an application that is not used by other employees? By developing apps together with other departments, the apps will get used by everyone. The chance of errors in the app is reduced and development costs can be reduced due to the short development time.

Focus on innovation

At GDK Software we focus on innovation. For example, our Mendix developers work on their own innovative projects two days every two months. This creates groundbreaking solutions for our customers. Think of smart Big Data solutions and experiments with artificial intelligence. We share the relevant learnings with customers, so that we always continue to deliver quality.

Let’s talk about Mendix

Do you want to talk about your Mendix project? Do you want to have software built in Mendix or do you have an idea for brand new applications? Are you urgently looking for a Mendix developer to help you? We are here to help you. A strong team of specialists with a large portion of Mendix knowledge and expertise.


Let us help you to realise your ambitions