Mendix developer and Mendix consultant: what is the difference?

Mendix developer and Mendix consultant: what is the difference?

A Mendix consultant and Mendix developer are two different job functions. In this article we explain the differences.

A Mendix developer‘s main job is to program Mendix applications. This requires a sharp mind. You like to immerse yourself in technology. You also like to implement smart solutions.

A good Mendix developer has the right certificates. For example, it is possible to become a Mendix Certified Developer. There are three levels: Rapid, Advanced and Expert. These certificates can be recognized by the colours: green, blue and grey. As a Rapid Mendix Certified Developer you can work on your first Mendix projects. This is a good starting point. As an Advanced Mendix Certified Developer you can develop independently and you know where to go if you need help. As an Expert Mendix Certified Developer you are able to lead a Mendix project.

A Mendix consultant is not only a programmer, but also a consultant. He can think logically and help organizations build smarter apps. A Mendix consultant can translate complex data models into user-friendly and dynamic applications.

In addition, a Mendix consultant must be able to work well together. The Mendix App Platform supports collaboration between business and IT, which means that so-called ‘citizen developers’ will also join to share ideas. A Mendix consultant therefore has a versatile function. Never a dull moment!

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