How to become a Mendix Partner and where to find Mendix Partners?

How to become a Mendix Partner and where to find Mendix Partners?

There are hundreds of Mendix Partners. Do you also want to become a Mendix Partner? Or are you looking for a Mendix Partner to assist you with the development of your Mendix applications? We are happy to help you!

Which companies are Mendix Partners?

On the ‘Mendix Partners‘ page you can see which companies are Mendix Partners. There are now hundreds of Mendix Partners. GDK Software is also a proud Mendix Partner. Every day our Mendix specialists build new applications and software for our clients.

How to become a Mendix Partner?

It is quite easy to join as a Mendix Partner. Fill in the form on the Mendix website and Mendix will contact you. At the same time, developers within your organization can follow training courses to get better in Mendix and receive their Mendix certificates. Through the Mendix Academy, they can complete various training programs to become a Rapid Developer, Intermediate Developer, Advanced Developer or Expert Developer. A Mendix Partner with certified developers show the world that they have a lot of knowledge in-house to help their customers.

What are the benefits of being a Mendix Partner?

As a Mendix Partner you receive support from Mendix to creatie the best solutions for your customers. You will receive support in selling, consulting, implementing and advising Mendix. You will also be invited to events and training courses. Of course Mendix rewards its partners with a commission. This will result in a long-term and fruitful collaboration for both agencies and Mendix. Research firm Gartner expects that by 2024 65% of all applications will be developed in low code, so it’s the right move to join Mendix as a Partner.

Want to start with Mendix?

Do you want to have software built in Mendix or do you have an idea for brand new applications? Are you urgently looking for a Mendix developer to help you? We are here for you. A strong team of specialists with a lot of Mendix knowledge and expertise.


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