Mendix vs OutSystems vs Betty Blocks: what are the differences?

Mendix vs OutSystems vs Betty Blocks: what are the differences?

Mendix, Outsystems and Betty Blocks are three low/no code platforms. There are many similarities, but also some important differences.

Thanks to the emergence of low code platforms, it is no longer necessary to write heavy computer programs for developing an application. Applications can be built faster and it is possible to integrate them with different applications. For example, Betty Blocks, OutSystems and Mendix have their own stores with integrations – so-called ‘Connectors’ – such as AWS Services (Amazon), IBM Watson, Siemens MindSphere, Postcode API, Salesforce, Slack, Bluetooth, Dropbox and Azure.

Betty Blocks vs Mendix
The advantage of Betty Blocks is that it is a no code platform. Developing applications is therefore a little slower in Mendix (low code platform) than in Betty Blocks, because a few things still have to be programmed. However, the differences are quite small. In Mendix you can work completely without code and it is possible to add your own custom code in Betty Blocks, so both tools overlap the no/low code spectrum. Also, Mendix has a different licensing structure than Betty Blocks, so you have to keep in mind that scaling an application can be more expensive or cheaper.

A disadvantage of Betty Blocks is that the mobile capabilities are limited to web applications that scale on mobile devices. Mendix mobile applications support offline capabilities.

Betty Blocks focuses more on ‘citizen developers’, i.e. people without IT knowledge, who do want to build their own apps without developers. Mendix focuses on professional organizations where IT professionals work. IT developers will see the benefits of Mendix because they have complete freedom to build apps (from full-code to no-code).

OutSystems vs Mendix
OutSystems is one of the best known low code platforms. Large companies such as Warner Brothers, Intel, Logitech, ExxonMobil and Honda work with OutSystems. Mendix offers quality assurance, while OutSystems has no quality assurance that checks the prototypes against industry standards. OutSystems also does not have a web modeler, which makes it difficult for people with little IT knowledge to develop prototypes. Finally, the integration and search functions are a bit more complex than in Betty Blocks and Mendix. There are also many similarities between OutSystems and Mendix, such as the visual modeling of applications. OutSystems and Mendix are seen by Gartner analysts as visionairies and leaders.

Ultimately, the choice for a low code platform or no code platform does not happen overnight. Wondering what the best solution is for your organization? Contact us and we will discover together what is possible.


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