Disadvantages of Mendix

Written by Kees de Kraker

22 October 2020

Does Mendix have any restrictions? What are the disadvantages of Mendix?

These are questions that are often asked, especially when talking to fellow developers. I recently held a Mendix workshop for developers of a software company. Is it just amazing or is Mendix a bit tricky?

Of course there are some tricky aspects, although technically speaking I think it’s not that bad. Any disadvantages or limitations are mainly due to the choice of platform. Think of the vendor lock-in and the relatively firm pricing.

From a technical point of view, however, there are few limitations. A great deal of standard equipment is available or can be installed from the Mendix Store. You can also easily add Java and Javascript code snippets yourself. If that is not enough, there is always the option of a Java library or a front-end widget in React (Native).

For example, I recently created a keyboard-oriented input mode for order entry, including navigation as in Excel with arrow keys. Here a piece of Javascript knowledge is handy, but a few code snippets are enough to make it work.

I am very curious about the experiences of the Mendix developers among us. What do you experience as limitations or disadvantages? Feel free to send us a message!



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