KEI link update in Fineaid

Written by David Paul van der Wulp
Delphi ontwikkelaar

16 February 2023

A few years ago we built the Kei link with the judiciary for Fineaid. From the software for administrators, all information with the court can easily be exchanged digitally. Every year there is an update of the system in which all forms are adapted, and this update has been implemented in the Fineaid software so that the system will continue to function in 2023.

Meanwhile, we at  GDK Software have been working together with Fidinda for over 5 years now. The Delphi application is continuously maintained and extended by us. An online customer portal was added, and using Mendix, we built a middleware application to link up more easily with APIs of other applications.

We have built a solid working relationship with Fidinda. Working on the projects with their permanent developers, we have obtained a wealth of knowledge of their systems and in the field of administration. This has strengthened communication, and ensured that we understand each other quickly.


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