Mendix low-code developer

Developing smart apps with Mendix

Who are we looking for?

As a low code developer, you have experience with software development or you have followed a training course for this. It is also possible that you are planning to study (business) computer science. With us, you can do that part-time.

You are someone who is very enthusiastic about new developments. You may also enjoy coding, but in the end it’s all about the result. How do things appear on your screen and how do you make the end-user happy with it? You hate it when developments sometimes take a long time or the end product is more unstable than you would like. You like to think about user-friendliness yourself and you see it as an added value to be on location with the customer.

However, at GDK we find it just as important what kind of person you are. We expect our low-code developer to be enthusiastic about software renewal and innovation, and that you think in terms of possibilities and opportunities. Keeping up with your field of expertise should also be important to you. In doing so, you will come up with ideas that our clients, or maybe even your colleagues, hadn’t thought of yet.

Where are you going to work?

You will fit in with GDK if you are someone who likes to work in an environment where you get space. The space for your own development, but also space for your own ideas. An environment where common sense and a hands-on mentality are appreciated. Being practical and at the same time being professional. Where everyone is allowed to be themselves and where team spirit prevails.


At GDK we don’t have assessments in advance. We prefer to get to know each other personally first, to hear what drives you and what you would like. Curious? Contact Marco Geuze.

  • Mendix
  • Focus on quality
  • Great working environment


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