What does Mendix cost?

What does Mendix cost?

Mendix license prices start from €800 per month for a single app and €2000 per month for unlimited apps. The licensing model is based on the number of app users. For each user you pay 10 euro (one app) or 25 euro (unlimited apps).

Do you want to try Mendix first? Mendix offers a free plan to jump in and give the platform a try. You can deploy to the Mendix Cloud and get access to the Free Online Academy. The €50 per month plan includes 5 users. Your app is always on, first in stack. You get access to your log files and 99,5% uptime guarantee.

Mendix Standard costs 800 euros per month (1 app) or 1000 euros per month (more than 1 app). You get a project dashboard, four environments per app, IDP integration, vertical scalability and more features. Do you need more? Then choose Mendix Premium. You get a private App Store, horizontal scalability, flexible number of environments per app and HA/Fallback.

We think this ‘pay per user’-model is fair, because most of time the more users use an app, the more valuable the application is. If you only need one application and want to invite many users, then it can be wise to develop a custom application outside of Mendix.

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