Yii update or upgrade? Choose Mendix!

Yii update or upgrade? Make a move to Mendix

Yii update or upgrade? Make a move to Mendix

Still using Yii for your applications? Good choice, but maybe you want to upgrade or update to a low code platform? Try Mendix.

Yii is a popular PHP framework. It is flexible, secure, fast and efficient. This open source framework is object-oriented. The first Alpha version was released in 2006, followed by a formal release in 2008.

Yii includes a Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, layered caching scheme, error handling and logging, internationalization and localization, automatic code generation by the skeleton application and unit & functionality testing based on PHPUnit and Selenium. Another great future is that Yii is designed to work well with third-party code. It is possible to include code from the Zend Framework or PEAR.

The most recent stable release is version 2. This version was launched in 2014 and requires PHP 5.4 or above. In the near future version 3 will be released.

Is it time for a change and do you want to switch from Yii to Mendix? Then upgrade to a low code platform, like Mendix. Developing with Mendix is faster than traditional programming. We can completely recreate your old business software with Mendix. The options are limitless. 

GDK Software has its own certified Mendix team. Our Mendix heroes Reinier, Leon, Maarten, Kees and others create brilliant applications for many customers. At GDK Software we help your company to become more agile by renewing outdated software. Lets integrate systems and eliminate unnecessary processes. Are you ready for innovation? Contact us today!

Discover our Mendix cases, like our budget tool for school headteachers or our innovative portal for glass companies.

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