From old to new

Become more agile by renewing outdated software

The problem

Making processes more efficient? Improved links with mobile apps? Or do you want to offer new services? There are thousands of reasons to upgrade from old to newer software. Whatever your motivations, we can help you make the transition.

You have been working with the same software for years. The software is basically sound. You can work with it, as can your colleagues or your customers. However, the first cracks are starting to appear. Expansion or updating is difficult, if not impossible. You often receive complaints about the interface. Taking advantage of the web is not possible. Linking with mobile apps? That is out of the question. You feel as if you need to do something, but what?

You are not alone. There are still many legacy applications in use by businesses. These programs are stable and work well. However, it can be risky to use these applications. There may be minimal support and new functionalities are missing. It is as if time is standing still, whilst other companies are innovating and building progressive applications with modern techniques.

Let your software flourish

Make the change before it is too late. Let your outdated application flourish again. We can rebuild your legacy application and implement your new requirements at the same time. A mobile app? Connections with back-end systems or external databases? New modules? You name it!

In doing so, we take into account some important principles. For example, users do not like change. We can gently guide them from the old system to the new environment. The new application will keep working just as well as the old application, but of course, it will have a newer, fresher appearance.

In practice

Migrating a large legacy system to a modern application is not without risks. Consider the large government projects that have failed. You often see these projects run over time or over budget. Fortunately, there are also many projects which are developed on time and within budget. How do we achieve that? By replacing old software with the modern low-code platform Mendix in small, manageable steps.

Are you curious about our successful projects? Take a look at our cases.

"GDK always wants to make something beautiful. We really do this together."

Jur van der Kooij - Owner, Glasportaal