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Do you have a Delphi challenge and are you looking for expertise or capacity? Our experts and developers are ready to realise your ambitions and goals. We gladly help you with new development, upgrade and maintenance of your Delphi application.

How can we help you?

Delphi specialists with passion!

We understand your business and make digital goals achievable. Small, practical steps deliver big, tangible results. Expand your horizon.

Delphi development

Work with our Delphi experts.

Delphi upgrades

Upgrade your legacy Delphi application to the latest version.

Codolex low code for Delphi

Develop in an instant on a modern platform

Working together

Whatever your ambition, we go for the best solution for your organisation. We get to know your business and build applications aimed at the user.

Success stories

New app for Animal Ambulance Gooi and Vechtstreek

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Groundbreaking Delphi software for administrators' offices

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All-in-one portal for Horeca Stichting Nederland

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Delphi upgrade from version 5 to 11 for CityLaw / CountyLaw

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Working at GDK

Expand your horizon

At GDK you work in an enthusiastic team with experienced developers and young students. Immerse yourself in the latest techniques, learn from your clients and follow a wide range of training courses. At GDK, in addition to software, you will also develop yourself.

Remco Vorthoren

I attach great importance to significant challenges

Remco's story
Reinier Stam

No hierarchy: there is always room for your own idea

Reinier's story