System integrations

Integrate systems and eliminate unnecessary processes

Let automation do the work for you

Cut, paste, copy, drag, and repeat. The same actions every day. Can that be done more efficiently?

Clever links can save you and your colleagues a lot of work. Avoid duplication and stop repetitive tasks that take up a lot of time. By removing human actions, processes become more streamlined.

We are experienced in making links and integrations. We love a challenge and we are happy to explore the possibilities. Intelligent route planners or advanced big data solutions with Amazon Cloud? Technical links with medical equipment or automatically insert a salary change in your financial system? We make automation work for you!

Automation is a smart investment

Automation should not be seen as a cost. It is an investment that often pays for itself within a year. Thanks to smart applications, human input is no longer necessary. This prevents delays and mistakes. Large companies sometimes miss out on opportunities because leads are not followed up correctly. Employees forget to perform certain tasks. These are missed opportunities. By visualizing the losses, you know exactly how much value a link can yield.

As an example, take the process optimization of the portal that we built for Horeca Stichting Nederland. This portal communicates directly with the back-office system. It is no longer necessary to manually import or export data. This means that the range of courses is always up to date, and typos are a thing of the past!

Don't reinvent the wheel

We also do not like repetition. We have already made many successful links. Would you like a system integration with financial programs such as Exact, Unit4, Afas, or Snelstart? Standard office programs such as Word and Excel? Mobile apps or various other APIs? There is a good chance that we already built one of these links. This makes a big difference.