Do you need a Delphi application? Here’s everything you need to know!

Do you need a Delphi application? Here's everything you need to know!

Do you need a Delphi application? Let us help you! We build applications of excellent quality in Delphi.

Our in-house Delphi developers use their knowledge of Pascal to create applications for companies all over the world. We use the latest version of Delphi: RAD Studio 11. This allows us to compile applications for the latest Windows, as well as the latest MacOS devices.

Do you want to update or upgrade an older Delphi application? Our Delphi developers have extensive knowledge of many different versions of Delphi. Did you know that we still support old Delphi 3 and 4 applications? Of course, it’s wise to upgrade to a newer version. The costs of supporting an old application may be higher than developing a new application in Delphi 11. But upgrading or updating is not always necessary. We can calculate this for you, so you know the best solution. Together, we aim for the best result.

Do you have your own developers? Perfect, then we can collaborate to build a better application. A great advantage of having your own programmers is that they know the code inside and out. They are embedded in the company and are aware of the stakeholders’ needs. The advantage of our developers is that we work for many companies and always use the latest tools when they are available. There isn’t a technical problem or hurdle that we can’t tackle. Let’s work together and achieve the best final result.

How long does it take to build a Delphi application?

This depends on the complexity of the application. Does the application have only one function or is it a large application with many external connections and extensions? Is there a login option or is the application open to all users? Does the application work on one type of device (for example, only on computers) or on all devices (including mobile phones)? Is the application multilingual? Some applications are ready in a few dozen hours, while others require hundreds or even thousands of programming hours.

Application in Delphi or a no-code or low-code solution?

Still not sure if Delphi is the way to go? GDK Software works with many different systems, including low-code systems like Codolex. We are happy to advise you.