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Prevent developments from stalling. Upgrade your Delphi application and stay up to date.

Do you have an application that has been developed in Delphi 5, 7, or another outdated Delphi version? Are you reaching the limits of the development environment? Does your application no longer work properly on Windows 11? If so, it makes sense to upgrade to the newer versions of Delphi.

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With our years of experience, we can convert your Delphi application to the latest version. We achieve this with a conversion tool that we have developed ourselves. This allows us to perform a faster conversion, during which the development of your application can continue. We will upgrade or update your Delphi software.

At GDK we are very proud of our Delphi specialists. Our Delphi programmers also work on their own projects and they keep on innovating. They build clever apps that take work off your hands.

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This is how we upgrade your Delphi application to a new version

We start with an initial analysis of the software. Thanks to this quick scan, we can unravel the source code. Which components are used? Are there any risks in upgrading or updating to a new Delphi version? You will get the results of this analysis within three days.

After the analysis, we discuss our findings and present our plan of approach. In doing so, we take various factors into account. Do you have your own developers working on the application? What is the desired total lead time? You will then receive a tailor-made offer and we will get to work. Let’s start updating your Delphi application.


  • All Delphi versions possible
  • Including components such as DevExpress, BDE, Reporting tools
  • Project from 25.000 lines to +2.500.000 lines of code
  • More than 500 pre-defines upgrade solutions

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