Innovation: it is in our DNA

What does your digital future look like?

Digital transformation

Innovation is in our DNA. We are full of ideas. Every day we are looking for new solutions. How can we help our customers even more?

How do we accelerate processes? How can we best use graph databases? What if we manage to make a connection between those two systems? These are questions that lead to opportunities. We seize such opportunities with both hands.

At GDK Software we allow space for creativity, experiments, and visions. Developers share their research ideas and get two days per 2 months to work on them. New seeds are planted every month, from which hopefully the most elegant creations arise. Innovative solutions that enable our customers to grow further.

Student team

We also see this creativity in our own student data team. This team focuses on big data issues and solutions. The students are given complete freedom to innovate. For example, the team has developed an algorithm for Perfectkeur to show the demand and workload of inspectors on a map. This allows the organization to see at a glance in which regions new inspectors are needed to fulfill this demand.

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"GDK is an excellent partner. The developers think along with you."

Bas van der Ende, Horeca Stichting Nederland

Enter into a partnership together

Innovations help organizations with digital transformation, by harnessing the potential of available technologies and links. Together with you, we modernize outdated or existing applications. At the same time, we develop data-driven mobile apps, which make you better prepared for the future. We really enter into a partnership with you: a committed collaboration in which we want to know everything about you and your organization. Together we drive each other forward and continue to innovate, now and in the future.