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Delphi IDE: everything about it

Delphi IDE is used by Delphi developers every day. It is the integrated development environment (IDE or the editor), in which you develop applications. Also, you can see applications “live” in the IDE.

What you can build and develop in this environment, if there are any shortcuts, and whether there is a good alternative, will explain GDK Software to you. Curious? Read along or contact us directly if you are facing a problem you cannot figure out yourself. Our experts are happy to help you!

What is Delphi IDE?

IDE is an abbreviation for integrated development environment. It is computer software that a software developer uses to develop applications. Often this environment consists of a few necessary programs, such as a compiler, debugger, and an editor.

Why would you choose Delphi IDE?

Delphi IDE is a very powerful tool. Because of this, it might seem a little intimidating if you’re just starting to develop applications. Fortunately, Delphi is one of the most user-friendly IDEs, so you’ll quickly find your way around. When you first open the Delphi IDE, you’ll be taken to the home page, where you can see projects you’ve worked on recently. From here you can continue working on a project or start a new one.

Delphi IDE (since its launch 25 years ago) is still used worldwide. Despite the fact that it is relatively old, it is frequently used to develop, for example, Windows applications. But it is also often used for the development of web applications, machine learning applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications for OS X, IOS, and Android operating systems.

Are there any plugins available?

Almost every Delphi developer uses plugins and shortcuts to develop faster. Our favorite plugins are GExperts, DDevExtensions, Delphi IDE Fix pack, and Parnassus Bookmarks. GExperts adds useful functions (such as Grep Search, Rename Components, and Procedure List), while DDevExtensions easily replaces dialogs (Find Unit/Use Unit). You can read all about these plugins on our page with Delphi Tips & Tricks.

What are great Delphi IDE shortcuts?

Delphi IDE has tons of shortcuts, all of which you can find here. You are probably familiar with some shortcuts, such as Ctrl+V and Ctrl+C. They are also used in programs such as Word and Excel. Still, there are many more shortcuts, such as creating bookmarks (points in code where you want to come back). Save a file regularly with Ctrl + S. Bookmark with Ctrl + Shift + [number] and find a bookmark with Ctrl + [number]. Or use Grep Search from GExperts and quickly find a piece of code. The results are displayed better than the Delphi IDE. More popular shortcuts can be found here.

Is there an alternative to the Delphi IDE?

Yes. You can edit source files outside of the Delphi IDE, so you can use other IDEs. One of those popular IDEs is Lazarus. This development environment is an open-source alternative to Embarcadero’s proprietary Delphi IDE. Unfortunately, many components are not suitable for Lazarus, which is why we only use Delphi.

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