What does No Code and Low Code mean?

What does No Code and Low Code mean?

Programming without typing a single line of code. This is already possible, thanks to no code and low code. But what are the differences between low code and no code?

No code and low code platforms are upcoming. They are ready for the digitization of our society. There is a high demand for developers, but there aren’t enough skilled professionals, which means that many companies have shortages. Thanks to no code and low code apps can be developed faster. This means companies can focus more on innovation.

Low code and no code are very similar. For example, a workflow is used in which visual blocks with code are dragged. But there are also some differences.

Low code

For example, low code requires knowledge of programming. Ninety percent of an application can be visually modeled, but ten percent of an app must be programmed. Mendix is ​​a well-known low-code platform. At GDK Software we are a Mendix Partner, so we develop many Mendix applications. There are other low-code platforms, like Thinkwise and OutSystems. All these low-code platforms mainly use Java & .NET. Mendix allows developers to build smooth mobile, progressive web apps and integrate applications via APIs. This is all possible within a full stack, end-to-end platform.

No code

No code requires no programming knowledge, which makes no code very suitable for so-called citizen developers. These are people without programming knowledge. Thanks to no code, they can convert their own ideas into a working app. In the end, developers are always needed to convert a proof of concept into an operational app. No code platforms are based on Javascript and HTML.

A matter of scale

Low code or no code? The differences are small, but eventually, it’s a matter of scale. Mendix and OutSystems work with licenses. If a company is developing on a small scale, the licensing costs may be too high. In that case, it may be wise to build a custom-made full-code application instead of a low-code or no-code application.