What are GExperts for Delphi?

What is GExperts for Delphi?

GExperts is an invaluable toolset designed to boost the productivity of Delphi and C++Builder developers. This free suite of enhancements equips the integrated development environment (IDE) with a plethora of additional features aimed at streamlining the development process. As an open-source project, GExperts thrives on contributions from its user community, ensuring that it continually evolves to meet the needs of modern developers.

Features of GExperts

  1. Grep Search and Replace: Supports Unicode files, DFM files, and more, allowing for efficient code modification.
  2. Component Renaming: Automate the renaming of components within your projects for better clarity and maintenance.
  3. Text Macros and Recent Files: Easily insert predefined text snippets and access recently opened files to speed up development.
  4. Project Backup: Offers customized backup options for your projects, including support for additional file lists.
  5. Favorite Files: Maintain nested lists of favorite files for quick and easy access.
  6. Dependency Tracking: Monitor and manage dependencies between units within your project to avoid conflicts and ensure reliability.
  7. Procedure Navigation: Quickly jump to any procedure in the current unit, saving time and enhancing code navigation.
  8. Extended Functionality: GExperts offers many more features that extend beyond these core functions, all designed to enhance your programming efficiency.

Download and Contributions

GExperts is available for download via this link. As an open-source project, developers are encouraged to contribute to its development, helping it to continue evolving and meeting new challenges in software development.


GExperts stands out as a vital tool for any Delphi or C++Builder programmer seeking to optimize their workflow. It not only offers powerful features that enhance productivity but also embodies a community-driven approach to software development. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the platform, GExperts provides the tools you need to succeed.

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