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How to write Clean Code in Delphi

Marco Geuze

“Unit” specific typing in Delphi

Patrick Quist
Delphi developer

Delphi and ChatGPT

Marco Geuze

Test-Driven Development

James Goodger
Director, UK

Exception pattern in Mendix

Reinier Stam
Mendix ontwikkelaar

Delphi interfaces and collections

Johnny Nap
Delphi and Mendix developer

Creating a custom UI with DevExpress

Vincent Adkin
Delphi developer

Boss Dependency Manager for Delphi

Ricardo Boaro
Director, Brazil

Firedac Array DML

Kees de Kraker

Testing API integrations with DUnitX and WebMock

Sibren van Ek
Delphi developer

Clean Agile, the Customer Bill of Rights

Kees de Kraker

Mendix Microsoft Graph Connector

Kees de Kraker


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