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Delphi 7

Delphi 7 is a Windows based Object Pascal development environment. Like all Delphi versions it is a Rapid Application Development environment. Delphi 7 builds on the new features developed in Delphi 6..

Delphi 7 appeared in 2002. Like Delphi 5 it is still one of the most widely used Delphi versions to this day. Delphi 7 was fast, stable and could run on almost any PC. Delphi 7 included support for XML and UML. There was also limited support for .NET. Borland, for example, advertised in 2002 with the text: “The first independent path to Microsoft .NET”. Furthermore, support for Windows XP themes was added.

Four versions of Delphi 7 appeared: Delphi 7 Architect, Delphi 7 Enterprise, Delphi 7 Professional and Delphi 7 Personal. Three of these versions came standard with Kylix 3 (Linux equivalent of the software). Current supported versions are available from Embarcadero Technologies.

Delphi 7 was later succeeded by Delphi 2005.

From Delphi 7 to Delphi 11?

Delphi 7 is now more than fifteen years old. Are you using an application that has been developed in this obsolete Delphi version? You probably don’t get the most out of it and it is difficult to continue developing. At GDK Software, we can easily convert your Delphi 7 application to the latest version. For this we use our own developed conversion tool. Want to know more? Read more about upgrading or updating Delphi or contact us!

Written by Marco Geuze


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