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What is the Delphi IDE?

Every Delphi developer uses in the Delphi IDE on a daily basis. It is the integrated development environment (i.e. the editor) in which you develop applications. In addition, you can ‘see’ applications live in the IDE.

The Delphi IDE has been improved step by step in recent years. For example, the latest Delphi IDE is very user-friendly and there are new language improvements. There is also a High DPI enabled form designer, improvements to FMX designer and VCL styles in designer. These are important reasons to update from an old Delphi version to the latest version: Delphi 12. In addition, converting Delphi applications saves a lot of time, because you don’t have to take old components into account and you have all kinds of handy tools at your disposal. Do you want to upgrade Delphi? Please contact us!

What does IDE mean?

IDE is an abbreviation for ‘integrated development environment’. It is computer software that a software developer uses to develop applications. Often this environment consists of some necessary programs, such as a compiler, debugger and an editor.

Are there plugins for the IDE?

Almost every Delphi developer uses plugins and shortcuts to develop faster. Our favourite plugins are GExperts, DDevExtensions, Delphi IDE Fix pack and Parnassus Bookmarks. GExperts add useful features (such as Grep Search, Rename Components and Procedure List), while DDevExtensions replaces dialogs (Find Unit/Use Unit) for extra functionality. You can read all about these plugins on our Delphi Tips & Tricks page.

What are great IDE shortcuts?

Delphi IDE has an enormous number of shortcuts, all of which you can find here. Some shortcuts, such as Ctrl + V and Ctrl + C you probably know already. They are also used in programs such as Word and Excel. However, there are many more shortcuts, such as creating bookmarks (points in the code you want to return to). Regularly save a file with Ctrl + S. Make a bookmark with Ctrl + Shift + [number] and find a bookmark with Ctrl + [number]. Or use Grep Search from GExperts and find a piece of code quickly. The results are displayed better than with the regular the Delphi IDE forms. More popular shortcuts can be found here.

Is there an alternative to the Delphi IDE?

Yes, you can edit source files outside the Delphi IDE, so you can use other IDEs. One of those popular IDEs is Lazarus. This development environment is an open source alternative to Embarcadero’s own Delphi IDE. Unfortunately, many components are not suitable for Lazarus, which is why we at GDK only use Delphi.

Do you need help?

For those considering an upgrade or seeking more efficient development workflows within the Delphi environment, exploring the latest IDE version, utilizing plugins, and mastering shortcuts can significantly enhance productivity. For further information or assistance with upgrading, developers are encouraged to reach out. You can also try out Codolex. See the video below for more information!

Written by Marco Geuze


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