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Delphi 5

Delphi 5 is a commercial Rapid Application Development tool for Windows. Borland originally released this version in August 1999. It was a big step forward compared to older versions such as Delphi 3 and Delphi 4..

Delphi 5 included smart features such as the new ability to use frames, translation capabilities, parallel development, an improved integrated debugger, XML support and ADO database support. These new features made Delphi very suitable for writing complex database applications. Back in the days it was revolution.

In old versions of Delphi it was mandatory to place a BDE (Borland Database Engine) between an application and the actual database. Although in Delphi 3 it was necessary to use BDE, in Delphi 5 they have provided something to give flexibility to the development team. New solutions were developed to bypass a BDE, such as ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) and Internet Express. Applications based on ADO can easily access the database via a so-called OLE DB provider. Internet Express offers database access via an XML broker.

Delphi 5 is still one of the more popular Delphi versions. Delphi 5 was succeeded in 2001 by Delphi 6, a cross-platform version (with which it was also possible to develop on Linux). A year later, perhaps the best known version was released: Delphi 7.

From Delphi 5 to Delphi 10?

Delphi 5 is now more than twenty years old. Are you using an application that has been developed in this obsolete Delphi version? Then you are probably running into the limits of the development environment. It is probably difficult to upgrade or update a Delphi 5 application. At GDK Software we can easily convert your Delphi 5 application to the latest version. For this we use our own developed conversion tool. Want to know more? Read more about upgrading or updating Delphi or contact us!

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