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Delphi development

Delphi is the development platform for the Pascal programming language. Niklaus Wirth developed this language in 1970. This Swiss developer made it possible to program in a simple and structured way. Since then, Pascal has evolved, making Pascal-based Delphi one of the most popular development environments. Many applications used by companies today are built with Delphi. Rightly so, because the development time of Delphi applications is shorter than that of Java applications and Delphi applications often work much faster.

Upgrading Delphi…
Many applications still run on obsolete Delphi versions, such as Delphi 5 and 7. This means that these applications are at least 20 years old. Of course, this also shows the power of Delphi. Applications often remain workable for decades. Still, the possibilities in newer versions of Delphi are much bigger and there are more development tools available. Therefore, it may make sense to upgrade your old Delphi application in the long run. This makes it easier for developers to make new adjustments in the future. In addition, at a certain moment, old techniques are no longer supported by Windows and there is a chance that an application will no longer work. In short, upgrading to Delphi makes sense and we are happy to help your organization with that.

…or expand?
Do you already have a software package and are you looking for one or more Delphi experts to expand the existing package or to make adjustments? Our Delphi programmers can (temporarily) increase your capacity so that developments do not come to a standstill. Furthermore, we support companies that used to employ a Delphi developer, but don’t have anyone locally at the moment.

Why GDK Software?
Many Delphi developers work at GDK Software. This makes us unique in the Netherlands and the UK. Multiple developers are working on the same applications, which means that they share the knowledge and don’t stand still in case of illness. In addition, GDK Software has an English office. Because of this, international companies know where to find us. Our developers follow the developments of Delphi closely. Did you know that our programmers are available two days every 2 months to research new techniques and possibilities? This stimulates our Delphi experts to always get the best out of it for our customers. Moreover, we look wider than Delphi and also focus on Big Data solutions and artificial intelligence.


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