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Delphi 6

Delphi 6 was – after Delphi 5 and Delphi 7 – for a long time the most popular Delphi version. Three versions appeared in 2001: Delphi 6 Enterprise, Delphi 6 Professional and Delphi 6 Personal.

Delphi 6 came up with a number of innovations, including a completely new design of a number of components. These now had the style of Windows 2000.

Delphi 6 is the successor of Delphi 5 from 1999. In Delphi 5 it was possible for the first time to use frames and develop them in parallel. The successor of Delphi 6 is Delphi 7. In Delphi 7 there was (limited) .NET support for the first time. Delphi 7 was also quite stable, fast and could run on almost any PC.

From Delphi 6 to Delphi 10?

Delphi 6 is now quite outdated. As a Delphi developer, you probably come up against the limits of the development environment. Would you like to update your Delphi 6 application? Please contact us. We use our own conversion tool to quickly transfer your application.

Written by Marco Geuze


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