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We are GDK.

Building software is our passion. With enthusiasm and expertise, we build solutions for our customers.

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GDK in a nutshell

We share a passion for software development and love to keep up the momentum. For us there is no such thing as standard software, only tailor-made challenges.

We have built a reputation with our Delphi expertise, but that is by no means the only thing. We also develop with Mendix and other development languages. We are the software company that develops for tomorrow. We build IT solutions for a digital world where stagnation is a thing of the past. Innovative tools that make our customers leaders in the digital transformation.

Together with the contact with customers, the working atmosphere is extremely important to us. Craftsmanship and professionalism are of paramount importance to us, but just as important is how we treat each other. A safe and trusted working environment where everyone can be themselves. Every day we have lunch together and twice a year we get together as a company with our Company Days.

Everything at a glance

Our GDK team

Marco Geuze

Director |Linkedin

Kees de Kraker

Director |Linkedin

James Goodger

Technical Lead UK |Linkedin

Francisca van Es

Secretary |Linkedin

Corné van Werkhoven

Project manager |Linkedin

Remco Vorthoren

Delphi developer

Johnny Nap

Delphi and Mendix developer

Patrick Quist

Delphi developer

David Paul van der Wulp

Delphi developer

Tranquilo Dognini Neto

Delphi and Mendix developer

Ricardo Boaro

Delphi developer

Tony Danby

Delphi developer

Vincent Adkin

Delphi developer

Sibren van Ek

Delphi developer

Gerhard Eggink

Delphi developer

Reinier Stam

Mendix developer

Leon Muntz

Mendix developer

Maarten Kroneman

Mendix developer

Marline de Kraker

Financial assistant

Jerke Godeke

Trainee Delphi

Erwin van Dam

Data Science Student

Erik de Knegt

Data Science Student

Working at GDK?

Expand your horizon

At GDK you work in an enthusiastic team with experienced developers and young students. Immerse yourself in the latest technology, learn from your customers and follow a wide range of training courses. At GDK, in addition to software, you will also develop yourself.

Delphi developer

Development and optimisation of Delphi applications

Mendix low-code developer

Developing smart apps with Mendix

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