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Delphi code: is it your time to start coding?

Did you know that Delphi has been around since 1995?! Since then, the programming language and IDE have been continuously evolving and adding advanced features. Changes to Windows allow Delphi to assume the position of the most prominent programming language more than ever.

Delphi code: what is it exactly?

Initially, Delphi was developed for Windows’ oldest version. It is therefore both a programming language and software product (complete with IDE – Integrated Development Environment) for quickly developing desktop, mobile, web, and more applications. Like its predecessor, Delphi is a general-purpose language where efficiency is paramount. Even assembly and machine code are supported. In other words, plenty of possibilities!

What distinguishes Delphi code?

Perhaps Delphi’s greatest strength is speed. Developed as a RAD tool, Delphi is blazing fast in developing new applications.

In addition, Delphi currently supports every platform you use, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. This is made possible thanks to the cross-platform development framework.

Learn on your own or work with experts?

Coding is (unfortunately) often equivalent to paying for expensive software and wasting time learning a new language. With Delphi Community Edition that is no longer the case, but it offers limited possibilities compared to professional environments. There are currently three flavors available: Professional, Enterprise, and Architect. Each of these flavors is priced differently and has its own new functionalities.

Where the purchase price may not even be the problem, the time you have to invest to learn how the programming language works may well be a barrier. After all, you don’t learn to code overnight. Getting to know all the ins and outs takes months, sometimes even years. Time that may not be there. Or for which you can’t find the right person. In such a case, working with GDK Software is the solution.

A committed team of experts that is ready for you

The best Delphi specialists in the Netherlands, Brazil, England, and the United States work together under one roof. So whatever question you have about Delphi code: we will find the answer for you. Do you have a specific problem or technical challenge in Delphi? Or do you want to take your team to a higher level? Then get to know one of our experts. We have a strong team of specialists with a large portion of knowledge and expertise about this beautiful development language.

Call us and tell us your vision, wishes, and ideas. We like to think along with you. Is an upgrade to the latest version of Delphi really necessary? Or can we take your software to the next level with a few adjustments? We always give you honest advice. Together we go for the maximum result and long-term cooperation!

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