Is there a perfect Delphi migration tool?

Is there a perfect Delphi migration tool?

The short answer is no. The migration of a Delphi application from any version prior to 2009 to a modern Delphi version is not effortless.

Sometimes a Delphi migration is easy. This depends on the complexity of an application and the current Delphi version. Migration from Delphi 2007 to Delphi 10 is often simpler than migration from an older version (Delphi 5) to Delphi 10. The latter has more obsolete components and more code needs to be rewritten.

For example, you have to be aware of the introduction of Unicode. Embarcadero introduced full Unicode support in RAD Studio in 2008. It involved a radical change to several fundamental data types: the definitions for the String, Char and PChar types changed. These changes introduced potential migration issues for applications, libraries and shared units. Therefore: migrating an older application to Delphi 10 – based data types like Char, PChar and String – can be challenging.

GDK Duster

The Delphi programmers of GDK Software have migrated hundreds of existing Delphi applications. It often turns out that about eighty to ninety percent of the code can be reused. The remaining ten to twenty percent has to be rewritten. We often use our own migration tool to rewrite older code automatically. This migration tool is called GDK Duster. In GDK Duster, there are more than 500 ready to use solutions. GDK Duster uses the Delphi compiler to automatically compile programs, search for errors and modify code to fix these errors. A large part of the errors can be solved automatically. And the rest? With the convenient built-in editor you can easily add new solutions to the list yourself, so you only have to add each solution once.

See how Duster works in the video below:

Start migration your application?

Do you want to migrate your existing Delphi application? You can do it yourself with GDK Duster or you can contact us. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. If you choose GDK Software, you will be assisted by a strong team of specialists. We hope to see you soon!

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