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What is Delphi coding exactly? What is it used for? And is it still used at all? Is Delphi easy to learn? Or is it similar to Python and is that programming language easier to learn?

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What is Delphi coding?

Delphi coding (also known as Embarcadero Delphi) is a particular old programming language as well as a software development kit, complete with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Since it is there for quite a long time, lots of companies still use old Delphi applications. As soon as these – often international – companies need to renew or upgrade their Delphi application, they come to GDK Software. We employ many good Delphi programmers who are happy to help you (again) on your way.

When an upgrade is needed, the applications are updated to the latest Delphi version (currently Delphi 12). The major advantage of such an update is that new Delphi versions offer many more possibilities. For instance, the applications can also work online, on mobile, and Mac. Nowadays, there are high-resolution displays, which means new Delphi applications can handle DPI differences in monitors better. In addition, applications are faster and more efficient because the code can be cleaned up, and new components can be used.

What is Delphi coding language used for, and is it still used?

25 years after launch, Delphi coding is still around. So, like we said, lots of companies have been using the Delphi programming language since it launched 25 years ago. Despite it being a rather old programming language, we work with it a lot – all around the globe. For the development of Windows applications, for example. However, it is also used to develop web applications, machine learning applications, desktop applications, windows applications, and mobile applications for OS X, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Is Delphi easy to learn?

Since Delphi coding aged a little bit, why is it so great to be a Delphi developer in 2024? Delphi coding is still one of the most legendary programming languages in the world. A true milestone in history! In the meantime a lot of competitors joined the market, but Delphi holds its ground and is used most on a daily basis. So, you would say, learn the coding and do it yourself. Right? A lot of information about Delphi coding can be found online. However, to get to know all the ins and outs of Delphi, you need years of experience. And even then, you will face challenges where you don’t know what to do. This is where GDK Software comes in! We employ a lot of really good Delphi-programmers who are happy to help you on your way.

Is Delphi similar to Python?

On average there are nine programming languages ​​invented per year. But, like we mentioned, Delphi coding didn’t give a blink. But of course there are a few that are worth mentioning, such as Python. Delphi and Python are basically software siblings. This explains why Delphi is a statically typed programming language while Python is dynamically typed. The biggest difference is in the indentation: for code indentation, Python requires strict consistency, because it’s part of the language’s syntax. In contrast, in Delphi programs, the form of indentation and the number of spaces or tabs have no relevance or direct influence on the syntax of the code.

Overall, Delphi has more features than Python, giving it more commercial relevance than its counterpart, especially for the consumer and business-to-business market sectors. Python, in turn, benefits from its open-source nature and its lower cost of entry, which has earned it widespread adoption.

Also very important is that while Python code is case sensitive, Delphi code is not. Something that helps Delphi developers avoid various forms of case-related bugs that can be difficult to diagnose and fix. So it’s fair to say that Python’s case sensitivity can be a major frustration for novice Python developers.

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