How to update Delphi

How to update Delphi? Get started with GDK Software!

What is Delphi exactly? How does it work? And how to update Delphi in the correct way? Are you working with an application which has been developed in Delphi 5, 6 or 7 or another outdated Delphi version and are you reaching the limits of the development environment? Or does your application no longer work properly on for example Windows 10?

If you are facing (one of) these problems, it makes sense to upgrade to the latest version of Delphi. Read more and get started. Or contact us right away and talk to one of our experts. They are happy to help you!

What is Delphi exactly?

Delphi is also known as Embarcadero Delphi or Pascal. It is a quite old programming language, but since Delphi 1 it includes an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). A lot of companies still use old versions of Delphi applications, since it has been there for a long time. When (national as well as international) companies need to renew or upgrade their Delphi application, they come to GDK Software. How to update Delphi is particularly complicated. So, they are making the right move by contacting us. We employ many good Delphi programmers.

Why would you update your Delphi application?

There are many diverse reasons to update Delphi. Not only is the IDE much nicer to use, but various language improvements have been made as well. Moreover, applications can be used on many different devices, such as mobile phones (iOS / Android), Windows, and Mac. Additionally, it could be that older versions of Delphi are increasingly causing error messages. “Our users had to restart the old Delphi application up to five times a day, and response times also increased,” says Ailsa Hunt from the New Zealand organization Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC). “That could no longer continue.” After the hundreds of Delphi applications were updated from Delphi 5 or 7 to the latest version, the problems disappeared like snow in the sun.

How to update Delphi?

In case we are upgrading your Delphi application to a newer version, we start with an initial analysis of the software. Thanks to this quick scan, we can unravel the source code. We answer questions like:

  • Which components are used?
  • Are there any risks in upgrading or updating to a new Delphi version?

You will get the results of this analysis within three business days. After the analysis, we discuss our findings and present our plan of approach on how to update Delphi. In doing so, we take various factors into account. Such as, do you have your own developers working on the application? What is the desired lead time? You will then receive a tailor-made offer and we will get to work. Let’s start updating your Delphi application!

Why GDK Software?

With our years of experience, we know how to update Delphi to the latest version (currently Delphi 11). We achieve this with a conversion tool that we have developed ourselves. This allows us to perform a faster conversion, during which the development of your application can continue.

At GDK Software we are very proud of our Delphi specialists. Our Delphi programmers also work on their own projects and they keep on innovating. They build clever apps that take work off your hands.

We share a passion for software development and love to keep up the momentum. For us, there is no such thing as standard software, only tailor-made challenges.

Let us help you to realize your ambitions

Do you have a Delphi challenge and are you looking for expertise or capacity? Our experts and developers are ready to realize your ambitions and goals. We gladly help you with new development, upgrade and maintenance of your Delphi application. Want to know more about how to update Delphi? Read more. Or contact us directly!

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