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The latest Delphi version is live! While this is great news for our experts (more possibilities!), it may mean that many companies are working with an outdated version. In such cases, it’s very convenient to collaborate with someone who can program in Delphi. For our experts, Delphi is a breeze, so GDK Software is the right place for you.

Delphi Programming

Are you already working with Delphi? Cool! It’s possible (thanks to the latest update) that you are now using an older version, and that’s why your application doesn’t work on the latest versions. Don’t worry; GDK Software is here to help. Do you urgently need a developer? Or are you looking for a partner to maintain your Delphi application? We are here to assist you with Delphi programming. A strong team of specialists with substantial knowledge and expertise in this beautiful programming language is at your service.

Benefits of the Latest Delphi Version

Working with the latest Delphi version comes with several advantages. Let’s list them for you.

  • Use Delphi’s FMX framework for Windows visual framework for cross-platform responsive user interfaces.
  • Utilize and enjoy the new high-DPI compatible IDE on 4k+ screens.
  • Improved VCL library for using Microsoft’s WebView 2 control in both TEdgeBrowser and TWebBrowser components, with better support for UserDataFolder and ExecutableFolder configurations.
  • Design with VCL styles! Prototype stylish UIs even faster by seeing how your styled forms and controls will look during runtime while designing.
  • Faster prototyping with visual grids and enhanced support for margins and padding.
  • Improvements for multiple monitors and multiple windows: Design and work on code for the same form in multiple windows.
  • Quickly design your master responsive UI layout once and then the customize platform and device-specific renderings without double work in design.
  • Connect user interface elements to data sources using the LiveBindings Designer.

But of course, we first assess whether it’s actually necessary to use the latest version of Delphi. Perhaps we can also elevate your software to a higher level with some relatively simple adjustments! At GDK Software, we always provide you with honest advice. Together, we strive for the maximum result and a long-lasting partnership!

Our Delphi Experts Are Here to Help

The best Delphi specialists in the Netherlands, Brazil, and England work under one roof at GDK Software. Do you have a specific problem or a technical challenge related to Delphi programming? Or do you want to take your Delphi team to the next level? Get to know one of our experts.

We’re here to assist. GDK. A strong team of specialists with extensive Delphi knowledge and skills.

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