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Greenwaste transforms waste management with innovative Delphi application

Greenwaste transforms waste management with innovative Delphi application

As a large company, how do you separate your waste sustainably and ensure compliance with regulations? To achieve this, many companies turn to a company which specialises in waste management, such as Greenwaste. Greenwaste uses a clever Delphi application, A2B, which forms the backbone of the company. “Without this tool, we would not be able to do what we do for our customers now,’’ explains Johannes Bos, the founder of Greenwaste. To develop this application into what it is today, he looked for a Delphi specialist in 2020 and selected GDK software. What followed was years of special collaboration.

  • Clever Delphi application
  • The specialist in waste management
  • Unique in the Netherlands

“Before starting Greenwaste, I was on the board of one of the larger waste collectors in the Netherlands,” continues Johannes. “A division of that organisation was engaged in providing a total waste management solution. For this, they had an application built: A2B. Ten years ago, this company ran into difficulties and I saw my opportunity. I bought the application and started my own business in waste management.”

Greenwaste’s project managers provide complete waste management for companies which are defined by law as ‘primary discarders’. These are companies that dispose of waste materials generated by the companies themselves. On behalf of the client, they procure services from waste processors, transporters and resource suppliers, thereby relieving companies of all waste management worries. “Waste is becoming increasingly complicated,” Johannes points out. “More and more companies are running into this and are looking for a specialised company to which they can outsource their waste management.”

“The companies that approach us are sometimes aware of a problem, but we are also approached with the idea that companies ‘have to do something with their waste’ or want to become more sustainable. They think they can go to their waste collector for this, but then discover that they cannot offer any support or independent advice. Our application offers our customers one large database in which they can keep track of everything related to waste: laws and regulations, planning and administration. Customers log into the system with their own login and thus have access to all relevant information.”

A2B is owned by Greenwaste (Software) and, apart from the organisation itself and its customers, is also used by a dozen other customers. GDK Software has full management control of the application. To this end, they hired A2B’s sole developer and also trained two more of their own staff internally. ”This was one of our wishes when we partnered with GDK,” Johannes points out. Johannes still sees the fact that they were willing to make this investment for A2B as a big plus for GDK. ”Actually, we had a good feeling about this right away. In the first place, of course, because of the specialist knowledge of Delphi. We were also looking for an organisation that was big enough to switch with us, but not too big either. We certainly found that in GDK.”

"Customers log in to the system with their own login and thus have access to all relevant information."

Johannes Bos, founder of Greenwaste

From the moment GDK took over management, the application went through a considerable development process. The first step in this process was quite technical and involved upgrading to a new Delphi version. This was successfully installed in 2021. Since then, GDK has been continuously developing the application. For example, a CRM tool is currently being built in. “When that is completed, there is still a whole list of things we want to pick up together over the years,” says Johannes. All developments are primarily aimed at adding more automation. For instance, a tool to further automate procurement processes is also currently being developed.

“Our services are fully aligned to this IT application in combination with the deployment of our project managers. This makes us unique in the Netherlands and it has made it possible for us to grow into what we are today. GDK certainly also has an important part in this.”


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