Delphi Programmers of the Future

Delphi is an established name in the software development industry. The experienced Delphi programmer has indeed gained a loyal following. After all, they can build reliable applications in a heartbeat. At GDK Software, we also work with the most competent Delphi programmers. They are committed to our customers every day – from simple mobile applications to complex database systems.

A specialized team of experienced Delphi programmers (in addition to their daily tasks) are committed to creating advanced, innovative software solutions. Every now and then, they dedicate a day to search for new ways of software development. This keeps us sharp and leads us to unique concepts! Curious about what that entails? Read on.

Delphi = modern software development

Delphi programmers at GDK Software have embraced Delphi as the tool for modern software development. They demonstrate daily that Delphi remains relevant in the ever-changing technological landscape. Particularly the innovative versions offer programmers a host of functionalities, such as native Unicode support, improved memory management, and advanced RTTI (Run Time Type Information).

Our Delphi programmers see particular potential in the area of cross-platform development. With the FireMonkey (FMX) framework, Delphi programmers can design visual, high-quality applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android using the same source code. GDK Software gladly uses this feature as it often drastically reduces development time and improves efficiency. A win-win situation indeed!

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Delphi Programmers of the Future

Applications of all shapes and sizes

Delphi’s ability to compile to native code means that the applications run fast, with low overhead, and without the need for external .NET libraries. Our Delphi programmers have utilized this capability to deliver lightweight, fast solutions to customers.

Moreover, Delphi’s compiled code and built-in security features add an extra layer of protection against malicious attempts, simplifying the work of the Delphi programmer by reducing the attack surface. GDK Software has succeeded in creating robust, secure software solutions with the help of their Delphi programmers, which has been a key selling point for their customers.

In addition, Delphi excels in database management with powerful Data Access Components. Our Delphi programmers are more than happy to use these components to create data-driven applications with seamless database connectivity.

Delphi programming in the future

The first version of Delphi was released in 1995. Take a look at the older versions or version 5, 6, or 7. The fact that it is still relevant, modern, and workable to this day says a lot about the development and changing dynamics of the software. Fortunately, it doesn’t stop there. From Embarcadero – the company behind Delphi – our Delphi programmers also get additional features and support. In this way, we remain capable of pioneering in Delphi and software solutions for our customers.

Whether it’s desktop applications, mobile solutions, web applications, or database management, Delphi remains a reliable and robust choice. Especially with our experienced, driven Delphi programmers! Looking for an efficient, safe, and innovative solution? Enquire about the possibilities or read more.


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