Do you need help with Delphi programming?

What is Delphi programming exactly? What is it used for? And is it still in use? Is Delphi easy to learn? Or is it similar to Python? Can you assist me?

These are just some of the questions we often receive at GDK Software. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. We are the Delphi (and Mendix) experts you’re looking for. Discover all the possibilities and broaden your horizons! Need assistance from one of our experts? Contact us directly or pay us a visit. We’ll be delighted to help you.

What is Delphi programming?

Delphi programming (also known as Embarcadero Delphi) is a relatively old programming language and software development kit, complete with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Since the program has been around for a long time, many companies use outdated Delphi applications. As soon as these companies, both nationally and internationally, need to update or upgrade their Delphi application, they turn to GDK Software. After all, we employ many skilled Delphi programmers who would be happy to help you (re)gain the right track as well!

If an upgrade is necessary, the applications are updated to the latest version of Delphi (currently version 11). The significant advantage of such an upgrade is that the new Delphi versions offer many more features. For example, applications can also work online, on mobile devices, and on Mac.

What is Delphi programming used for? Is it still a used programming language?

25 years after its launch, Delphi programming still exists. Many companies are still using the Delphi programming language since it was launched 25 years ago. Despite being a fairly old programming language, we work with it extensively worldwide, for instance, to develop Windows applications. But also for web applications, machine learning applications, desktop applications, Windows applications, and mobile applications for operating systems like OS X, iOS, and Android, among others.

Is Delphi easy to learn?

Why is it so great to be a Delphi developer in 2022, even though Delphi programming has aged a bit? Delphi programming is still one of the most legendary programming languages in the world. You could even call it a true milestone in history! Of course, many competitors have entered the market, but Delphi has its own market and is extensively used in day-to-day operations.

Simple, you might think. Learn to code with Delphi and start on your own, right? Much information about Delphi programming can be found online. However, learning all the details of Delphi will take years. And even then, you’ll face challenges you don’t know how to tackle. This is where GDK Software comes in! We employ many genuinely skilled Delphi programmers who are happy to help you get started. And nine out of ten times, it’s also more cost-effective.

Is Delphi similar to Python?

On average, about nine programming languages are ‘invented’ each year. Delphi coding hasn’t made much noise, but there are, of course, some worth mentioning, like Python. Delphi and Python are indeed ‘software siblings.’ Delphi is actually a static programming language, whereas Python is dynamic. The main difference lies in indentation: Python requires strict consistency in indentation because it’s part of the language’s syntax. In Delphi programs, on the other hand, the way of indentation and the number of spaces or tabs do not directly affect the syntax of the code, making it a bit simpler.

In general, Delphi has more features than Python, giving it more commercial relevance than its counterpart, especially for consumer and business-to-business sectors. Python, on the other hand, benefits from its open-source nature and lower entry costs.

Also, very important is that while Python code is case-sensitive, Delphi code is not. Something that helps Delphi developers avoid various case-related errors that are difficult to diagnose and fix. It’s fair to say that Python’s case-sensitivity can be a significant frustration for novice Python developers.

Broaden your horizons

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