Codolex 2.0 is Now Free

Written by Jim McKeeth
Director, USA

12 May 2024

When we announced the new 2.0 version of Codolex we also updated the license model making Codolex 2.0 completely free for all Delphi developers.

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After the initial release of Codolex we realized that the more people in the larger developer community who use Codolex, the better it is for our core consulting services business. Both through general awareness of GDK Software, and when we are working with a new client who already uses Codolex, it makes it easier for us to work in their code. We continue to get a lot of value from using Codolex internally.

We believe that offering Codolex 2.0 today for free will open the doors for more consulting services in the future. Codolex elevates the overall quality of the code for when we are working with customers. It also embodies our commitment to quality code and good system architecture, allowing it to act as an ambassador for GDK Software.

We expect that offering Codolex for free will improve the overall quality of code and system architecture in the larger developer community. This makes it easier for GDK Software to collaborate on new development projects. It will also introduce more people to GDK Software, leading to more consulting opportunities. The more people who are using Codolex, the more feedback and reusable activities will be created to improve Codolex for everyone, including our use internally. Ultimately everyone using Codolex provides a platform that GDK Software can use to build a better future of software development.

Codolex Services

In addition to Delphi consulting services, GDK Software provides services and training around Codolex. These Codolex related services are not required, but for anyone who wants to hit the ground running or otherwise skyrocket their Codolex productivity, they are a great option.

Jump start with Codolex for € 299, and get the following benefits:

  • Accelerate your projects with a personal onboarding call
  • Let us guide you through a swift setup process
  • Gain direct assistance from our experts
  • Minimize setup time and maximize project focus
  • We walk you through building and running your first flow

We also offer a Full Package for only € 1495

  • Everything from the Personal Onboarding Call, plus
  • Receive a full day of dedicated development and support
  • Building more complex flows and integrating into existing applications
  • Create your first custom Activity
  • Tailor Codolex perfectly to your environment

Contact us for customized support, training, and for pricing outside of the EU.

The New Free License

The new Codolex 2.0 is free and includes all features from Codolex 1.0. The source code generated by Codolex is free, and you own it. You are also free to use and redistribute the library code from Codolex, but it is owned by GDK Software. The Codolex program, and the code it is built from is also owned by GDK Software, and we are the only distributors of it.

You are free to use Codolex and redistribute the code it generates without limitation. We just require you to register with us before you download and install the software. We hope you will create amazing programs, and useful activities that you share with the world. If you do tell your friends about Codolex, send them to to download their own free copy so we can track usage and follow up with them as needed. The free Codolex does not have activation or license keys, and there is no reason it should ever stop working. We hope you continue to use it for a long time.

Codolex includes three different interfaces: The Delphi IDE add-in, the stand-alone Codolex GUI, and the Command-line interface (CLI). The add-in needs to be installed into Delphi, but the stand-alone GUI and CLI do not need Delphi to work or be installed. The output from all three interfaces is ultimately Delphi code, and the Delphi compiler is required to build that code into a program.

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we hope to keep the core of Codolex (everything in 2.0) free for the foreseeable future. It would be great if that leads to many people taking advantage of the services GDK Software offers around Codolex and Delphi development, but that isn’t required. Eventually, we want to provide a selection of add-on activities and features that build on the free Codolex. These may be provided by GDK Software or others, and be a mixture of free, paid, and open-source licensing options.

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Download Codolex

Go download Codolex 2.0, check out the updated documentation, and revolutionize your Delphi development today.


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