Start with new customer: GEO Service Management

Written by Corné van Werkhoven

07 February 2023

Whilst visiting Deventer at their headquarters late last year we met with our new customer GEO Service Beheer, a service organisation in the geodetic and surveying market.  GEO Service Beheer were looking for Delphi specialists to help future-proof a number of their internal systems, and we are pleased to announce that we’ve been successfully collaborating with the organisation since the beginning of this year. 

Specialist on its own soil

Within the geodetic and surveying market, Geo Service Beheer is the service organisation. For example, Geo Service Beheer takes care of the financial and project administration, human resources, purchasing, equipment management and ICT for the companies Geomij, FACTO GEO and 06-GPS. In the back office, these companies use the in-house developed project management system Probe.

Where there is software, there is maintenance and development.  Using our specialist Delphi software knowledge and experience, we now maintain GEO Service Beheer’s Delphi software and continue to convert  wishes into applications to make sure that any annoying bugs are eliminated!  This allows GEO Service Management to get on with business as usual when it comes to logistics and order processing.

Workflow functionality

The Probe system also includes workflow functionality and there are still some improvements to be made. For instance, GEO Service Beheer wants to (further) automate orders to third parties and link them to external systems.  In the longer term we will  work on framework contracts in the system and a live link with the personnel information system, and as part of modernisation, they would also like to explore e-invoicing.


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