Healthy workplaces

Written by Corné van Werkhoven

14 March 2022

How important is your health to the company you work for? Within GDK we all do sedentary work. A lot of work is done with the head and little or no physical effort.

Of course you can do something about it. At GDK Software attention is paid to this and movement is encouraged. And judging by all the moving colleagues, it works…

David-Paul, Giorgio, Francisca and myself almost always cycle to work. Marco and Kees walk to work every day if possible. And Gerhard even uses his Speed Pedelec from Gouda to Papendrecht every week, a distance of over 30km.

Many of our colleagues also make use of the possibility of declaring a gym membership. And of course, there is a healthy lunch, a well-stocked fruit bowl and a nice walk with the team at lunchtime.

In short, staying fit and healthy is something you have to do, and that’s what we do together at GDK!


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