Our international branches

Written by Kees de Kraker

19 April 2023

How did we get our branches abroad? That is a question Marco and I are regularly asked.

Quite simply, they came our way and we took the opportunity, In any case, it was not planning or part of our vision. But the fact that we got those opportunities is ultimately down to years of investing in our Delphi quality and expertise. That makes people come to you and want to work with you.

Because of our Delphi expertise, we were first asked by a large, international company to do a review of their own software. Two years after the review, they knocked on our door again. In 2015. Whether we wanted to take over their development department? And let that department be in London. We didn’t have to think long about that. Before we knew it, we were negotiating in our school English. And so it came about that we have been in England regularly for almost eight years.

Because we had our branch in London, we came into contact with Ricardo. He was keen to come and work there. Because of Covid, that was difficult. We then jointly came up with the idea of starting a GDK Software branch in Brazil. Delphi is widely used there, but entering that market is only possible if you speak Portuguese. So we started at the end of 2021 and now there is already a sizeable team of developers working in Rio Claro.

So my credo is: whatever you do, do it well. Quality and knowledge pay for themselves. And take the opportunities that pass by.


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