Azure File Link Module

Azure File Link Module

Easy to use way of exchanging files with Azure


Easily approach and manage files in Azure Storage from a Mendix application. That what the Azure File Link module for Mendix does. In many cases files will be stored via the integrated file storage of Mendix. However, there are also situations imaginable in which a link must be made to an Azure platform and specific files must be retrieved or written there.

This module is specifically meant for file storage via the file shares option of an Azure Storage Account. To set up the module you need an Azure account with a storage account and a file share created. Via the Access Keys option of the storage account you can easily get a key that can be used to give Mendix access to the files on the file share.

Within the Mendix module, setting two constant values is enough to set up the link with Azure. The name of the Storage account and the corresponding key are defined in the constant values. Several pre-defined microflows are now available for various actions to be executed on the storage account.

There are flows to retrieve the available file shares, to read the contents of a directory and to upload, download and delete files. There are also supporting flows to compose a URI to a file or to check whether the file exists.

It is a straightforward Mendix module that has all the functions needed to easily connect to Azure Storage and perform file management there.

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