Reinier about GDK

"No hierarchy: there is always room for your own idea"

Low code development: Reinier loves it. He has been working as a Mendix developer on exciting projects for a year now. “Thanks to Mendix, standard actions are already written. As a developer you’re working with pure logic, making things instead of typing endlessly. I appreciate GDK giving me this opportunity.”

In the final year of his computer science education, Reinier was looking for a job in this field. “Coincidentally Marco Geuze is my uncle. He asked me: ‘Do you know anyone who is looking for a job?’ Then I said, ‘Yes, me.’ After a conversation with Kees, I was allowed to start. Initially, this was as part of the student team, but then as a full-time employee.”

From Delphi to Mendix

Reinier is currently working with some other Mendix colleagues on a large project. “This was originally a Delphi project that came to us for maintenance. The code had been poorly maintained and so we decided to convert the application to Mendix. We therefore have quite intensive contact with the customer. He can run the Mendix project himself and check if the updates are good. I really like that customer contact. If you have direct contact with someone – and you hear that he is happy – it makes you feel good.”

"A game of Mario Kart during a break or a walk. It is all very relaxed."

Reinier, programmer at GDK

Staying at cruising altitude

Reinier tries to keep his knowledge up to date as much as possible. “Together with Kees, I have achieved an Advanced Mendix certificate. In addition, there are Mendix meetups, where programmers talk to each other about specific projects. If there is a meetup with an interesting topic, I attend. There is also Mendix World once a year, but unfortunately this year a virus got in the way of that.”

Informal and sociable

Reinier describes the atmosphere at GDK as informal. “I like the fact that you can joke with colleagues from time to time. A game of Mario Kart during a break or a walk. It’s all very relaxed. We try to have fun with each other. There’s no hierarchy in the workplace. Nobody says: ‘I am better than you and you have to keep your mouth shut.’ You have room to put your own ideas forward. Is something not working out? There is always someone to help you. I am not restricted in anything and I get a lot of creative freedom and responsibility.”

Great perks

As an employer, GDK offers more than just a salary or valuable work. “There are nice extras, such as an annual museum pass and a gym membership. I think the nicest perk is that we are allowed to spend 500 euros per year on gadgets. Last year I chose a nice monitor for use at home. I enjoy that every day. I also appreciate having lunch together in the office. Francisca makes sure that there is something tasty for everyone.”

Keep growing

As long as Reinier continues to see opportunities for growth at GDK, he will not leave the software company. I have a lot to learn. If we expand further in Mendix, then I want to lead projects. Taking the responsibility to work with a team on behalf of a customer. I am looking forward to that!”


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