Sustainable note-taking

Written by Corné van Werkhoven

01 November 2022

Maybe it’s a generational thingy that writing 😉 But how easy isn’t it to quickly jot down notes, action items, callback requests, etc. on paper. Especially when consulting with clients or colleagues, it is more pleasant to write something down than to be hidden behind a laptop screen. A disadvantage, however, is that almost every day several pages disappear into the wastepaper basket, which is a shame.

At GDK Software’s office, I was presented with a reMarkable some time ago: give this a try! This feels like paper, yet is fully digital with easy sharing of your notes and automatic backup. You can also easily convert notes to a Word document (amazingly well even despite my somewhat moderate handwriting). Yes, I have to be honest, I really like this. A reMarkable really feels like writing on paper. It includes several templates, where for tasks and action lists the Checklist or Day Planner template is really handy. Once you get used to these, you soon won’t be able to do without them. Highly recommended!


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