Update Vivid Vision

Written by Corné van Werkhoven

20 September 2022

About six months ago, we started using Vivid Vision at GDK Software. Since then, several teams have started working with it enthusiastically. In the process, many great ideas have already been developed, and some have already been put into practice. For instance, work has been done on even better findability on various online channels, a new knowledge platform for internal knowledge sharing, a pilot is running with our improved approach to development sprints and plans have been worked out for restyling our office.

To make Vivid Vision even more a permanent part of our business operations, we introduced a monthly Vivid GDK Day. We started this last month. This day, our three branches participate and we start with a joint start. Each one makes its own plan and thus gives its own and useful content for this day. This can vary from attending a training course to carrying out a research project. It can also be tackled independently or in small teams. The common thread here is that it contributes to our Vivid Vision objectives. At the same time, it is very binding and a lot of knowledge is transferred in a relaxed manner.

We don’t forget a delicious sandwich at lunch, and conclude centrally with a presentation of the results achieved and a pleasant Friday afternoon drink. The reactions among colleagues were very positive, really very successful, and we are already looking forward to our next Vivid GDK Day!


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